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Ian Pycroft of Black Knight HistoricalBlack Knight Historical is run by Ian Pycroft from a base in Norfolk. Ian has been involved in the world of historical re enactments and events from an early age, and he has been running his event organisation company for very nearly twenty years.

If you require an event with a historical background, then look no further. As a member of the Companye of Saynte George, based in Switzerland, Ian has a passion for accuracy and strives to produce events that are fun, educational, but above all which are a standard for historical accuracy. All his team actively engage in research and have a wide background knowledge of the period they are portraying.

Ian caters for events of all sizes. He has worked with major organisations such as English Heritage and the National Trust, delivering specialised interpretations such as early photography to Lacock Abbey, the home of Fox Talbot. He organises the hugely popular multi period Medieval Spectacular which runs annually at Pensthorpe Nature Reserve, but is also interested in the part that living history has to play in the education of young students and actively engages in a number of school days each year. Firmly believing that something enjoyable is likely to be remembered, Ian’s portfolio of events includes organising murder mystery evenings and entertainment (historically flavoured) for corporate events.

As an organiser, Ian travels throughout the UK. He put together Operation Dynamo commemmorative events down at Dover Castle and this year will again be seen over in Wales and the Isle of Man as well as events nearer to home.

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